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Danny Boy, c. 2010

Gesso over unknown paint on canvas

10 x 8 inches

I originally sold this painting to a collector in 2014 with an attached contract that required them to resell it within 1 calendar year to somebody else whom would also be required to resell the work within a year, an so on. Each collector essentially agrees to own the work for a 1-year period before they must depart with it by selling it to someone else. Each seller shall determine the price and I will not be involved. For the first few years I was able to keep track of all the buyers, but after that I lost track and the painting's whereabouts are currently unknown to me.

The origin of this painting is as unclear as its future. I obtained it around 2010 during a year-end clean out of our shared studios when I was living in Boston. It’s unclear if I found the painting as it looks now or if I painted over it in an attempt to reuse it to make another painting. During the time I owned the painting it had various uses within my home and studio. It served as a bookend and a spacer within a box of other similarly sized paintings. It was rediscovered during a move and later hung in our Brooklyn apartment.

The images on the left show the painting and several detail views. The last image is an installation photo showing the painting in the home of a collector Portland Oregon, USA taken in 2015.

2014, Danny Boy1_edited.jpg
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